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Former FBI Agent Determines Why You Are Such A Loser
[Image: intense-focus-goal-obstacle.jpg]

Successful entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners do not have better ideas, talent, or skills. What they do have is the right mindset.

Here are five mindsets that set winners apart:
1. They discover what makes them unstoppable

You must love what you do or you’ll never have the mental toughness to be a winner. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi coined the phrase "flow" as meaning a state of deep absorption in an activity during which your performance seems to happen effortlessly and automatically.
Psychologists explain that when we do something excellent, that we feel is top performance, it triggers the feeling of "flow." We love what we are doing; and damn, we’re good at it!
As a child, my favorite topic was history, but I decided to major in business because I felt it would provide more career options. Then, I became an FBI agent and loved the work. When I thought it through, I realized the common thread between history and FBI investigations was my passion to sift through information to get to the truth of the matter and create a picture of what really happened.
How to make it work for you: Take the time to discover what it is about pursuits in life that truly engage you, and why. Be specific.

I did not need to become a history teacher to follow my passion of uncovering layers of truth to solve a mystery.

If you can’t change your job, identify which parts of your job bring you most satisfaction.
2. They strive for a well-lived life

Winners recognize that a well-lived life is about more than the fleeting emotion of happiness.

Sports psychologist Tim Woodman interviewed top performers and discovered that happiness was not the key to their success; in fact, it didn’t feature anywhere along the way.
Instead, top performers were more intent on pursuing goals that gave them a sense of value and meaning. Akin to flow, they were doing something that truly interested them. Happiness was the byproduct, not the goal.

Although I loved my FBI career, it was not a perfect job. There is a reason insiders call it the Federal Bureaucracy of Investigation! I was not looking to be happy in my career; I was looking to be fulfilled, and that led to happiness.
How to make it work for you: In our relentless pursuit of happiness, we’ve made it our priority. Other emotions like joy, appreciation, and satisfaction have deeper roots and can be more authentic indicators of the things in life we should be pursuing.
3. They discover their inner scrappiness
Winners understand and appreciate how getting knocked down in life can produce the grit that is needed to be successful.
What shocked Woodman and his team was that nearly every top performer in the study cited above had experienced a critical negative event in their life — parents divorcing, a death, disease, or some other perceived loss—early in life.

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