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Fully Utilise Google Free Tools To Improve Your Business Indefinitely
[Image: undefined]

Most of us have heard of Google’s well-publicized moonshots: Self-driving cars, smart contact lenses, internet-beaming balloons, and more.

While those products and services sound amazing, most of us can’t use them just yet. But the company actually has a bunch of other ones that are incredibly useful that you might not even know existed.

For example, did you know Google has a massive free font library?

Here are some of the under-the-radar services Google offers.
Google Keep is a killer notes and reminder app that works across both desktops and smartphones.

[Image: google-keep-is-a-killer-notes-and-remind...phones.jpg]
You can set a timer on Google (and get an alarm to sound when time is up) by Googling any amount of time followed by “timer.”

[Image: you-can-set-a-timer-on-google-and-get-an...-timer.jpg]
#4 lets you explore the far reaches of the universe using images from NASA satellite, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and the Hubble Telescope.

[Image: googlecomsky-lets-you-explore-the-far-re...escope.jpg]
Google Books nGram Viewer is a fun tool that lets you search for words in 5.2 million books published between 1500 and 2008 so you can see how they’ve been used and changed over time.

[Image: google-books-ngram-viewer-is-a-fun-tool-...r-time.jpg]
Intimidated by huge numbers? Google will help you figure out how to pronounce that 12-string behemoth if you type “=english” after it.

[Image: intimidated-by-huge-numbers-google-will-...ter-it.jpg]
There’s a “Manual” feature in Google Translate that lets you draw characters or symbols.

[Image: theres-a-manual-feature-in-google-transl...ymbols.jpg]
Similarly, Google Input Tools lets you type in over 80 different languages without having to download a special keyboard.

[Image: similarly-google-input-tools-lets-you-ty...yboard.jpg]
Find a gorgeous font that you can use for free (

[Image: find-a-gorgeous-font-that-you-can-use-fo...mfonts.jpg]
Google Scholar makes it incredibly easy to search for information in professional journals and papers.

[Image: google-scholar-makes-it-incredibly-easy-...papers.jpg]

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