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G-Token is a big scam?
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All the founders' face look like crook, having celebrity endorse in anything doesn't mean anything. Young kids nowadays are hopeless, spending parents money like nobody business, buying things they cannot afford to impress people they don't like.

I hope scam should stop and really have some good mlm companies. Been invited to their office at mountbatten once, regret totally and lost an hour of my life I am not getting back. All the aunties, uncles and desperate millionaire wannable think so highly of themselves and their founder - speechless + puke!  Confused
Thanks for inform us john i was thinking about G-Token but then i saw your post you save my Money dude Thanks
i knew it it cleary spam and scam
i never haired about g-token but its thanks for info
I like how G-Token sound when it as played. Very cute the voice, feel like raping the voice.
Yes, it is like a cult and it disgust me. My associate who joined became my ex-associate.
G stands for GaoLao?

How come got a mlm named after me I don't know?

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