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Gadgets Good Riddance Bad Rubbish In 2016
Every year, countless gadgets find their way into the Gizmodo offices. Many are flat-out terrible. As garbage year 2016 comes to a close, we look back at the worst gadgets of the year.
Galaxy Note 7

[Image: c3usekb0uifbdhubr0cb.jpg]
When the Galaxy Note 7 was released, we called it one of “the best Android phone you can buy.” Then the explosions started. Samsung eventually recalled the phone—twice—before ceasing production altogether. We have a little rule here at Gizmodo, if your product gets recalled by the government because it blew up in people’s faces, it’s on our worst gadget of the year list.
WowWee Chip

[Image: y31qzdbxydxcvci1l3ig.png]
As someone who had a Sony Aibo and loved it, I had high hopes for Chip, a robot dog from toy company WowWee. Unfortunately, Chip is a bad dog and a toy that just isn’t very good. The robot dog is supposed to respond to voice commands, but its hearing isn’t great. With enough finagling you can get it to play fetch, but picking Chip up turns him angry and mean. I really hoped this robot dog would bring back memories of my old pet Aibo, but Chip was just a total disappointment.
Razer Nabu

[Image: rsqq8d8od5eo9cnrwrjg.jpg]
For some reason, gaming company Razer decided to make a smartwatch. It’s big, it’s bulky, and it made our reviewer feel dumb. In addition to being hideous-looking (calling it a warmed-over G-Shock is insulting to the G-Shock), it wasn’t even good at consistently showing the time. No one is buying smartwatches anymore because of smartwatches like this.

[Image: v8qm5ajumrfyimm9n9t4.gif]
Technically, Hoverboards were more of a 2015 product, but the fad officially died in 2016 when the US International Trade Commission banned imports on virtually all hoverboards. If that wasn’t enough, the Consumer Product Safety Commission then recalled 500,000 Hoverboards sold between June 2015 and May 2016 because they caught on fire. And you know the rule, if you get recalled and catch on fire, you get on the worst gadget list.
Boosted Board 2

[Image: bzvqmrfcnxf2xsw9lqwk.jpg]

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