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Geomancy, Hard Work and You
I practise geomancy for 3 years now and saw a lot of overly superstition people. The easiest way out of a difficult situation is always superstition. 

"So suay" - so unlucky is the most common reason when people failed. They never thought if they are the one causing the failure, they are even too lazy to think and do a post-mortem for their business. This happen to people who achieve success easily "heng ah" - so lucky. If you know why success fall onto you, understand the science behind it, analyse why have you done right to deserve this. This happen so frequent that people always give full credit to their "feng shui".

Geomancy, is but a medium or a faith, it is not even a tool. We call it a "hidden cheerleader". Your mind and your hard work is still the most important.

Your success is on the other side of the forest, in order to achieve success you will need to clear your way through the forest. (Goal setting)
At the beginning of the journey, you learn how to wield an axe and use a saw. (Education)
You started out with high enthusiasm and spirit, working day and night and satisfy with your progress. (Motivation)
Your progress is good and it keep up with the schedule with allowance (Planning)
One day your tool breaks and you injured your hand, you need to rest and your progress is vastly affected (Crisis)
At this point if you blame feng shui and gave up, you are forever gone.
Instead, you find ways to heal yourself and look for buyer to buy the wood you have chopped so far (Crisis management & diversify)
You purchase better tools and machines to help you clear your path faster. (Re-investing)
You face the road while chopping to avoid wild animal attack from your back (Experience)
You place the wood in a comfortable positions so you do not trip and fall (Geomancy)
Because you are happy, you found a nice lady and you get married. You all have many kids and you taught them how to clear a way (knowledge transfer)
Your positively attracted passer-by to help you out too (Positive influence)
You continue to improve your surround to indirectly make yourself and your family more comfortable (Geomancy)
You didn't give up and finally you reach the other side (Perseverance)

Positive the story as your business journey, look at how much influence of Geomancy have in your journey. It is just an enhancer - it make good things better and bad things worse. Having a good geomancy set up but if you don't put in hard work, it is just like buying a lottery and pray for it. Start working for your dreams and good luck out there!
Please rate me if I helped you Smile
Hi Patricia, thank for your this wonderful post. I like this so much. I am into divination, do you think there is any chance we can work together? Divination - Ever Wanted to Know More About Yourself & Your Past?
How is your package like?
Therefore people always say fate is in our hand.

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