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Help, my money in BigOption is stucked
They put bonus to my account and now I have to trade 33 times because I can cash out my account. I deposited $500 usd, they give me bonus without my approval and now I have to trade many many times to cash it out.

Too bad I didn't see this forum earlier, [RR] Fraudulent Binary Options Brokerages is also showing Big Option as a scam.

I understand they are oversea company and may not be in where they claim they are. This is making me so mad where I cannot even do anything about it!
I recommend you not to spend good money on the bad money. It is gone, concentrate on making it back through other means. Many people lose more money in Binary Option and some even want to commit suicide.
Brother, there is no free lunch in the world. Bonus don't mean bonus when it come to trading. Not only Binary Options, even Forex and other trading type also issue bonus. Now you know when you trade - NO BONUS
If they are still around, better take legal action first. Don't wait till they are gone before it is too late.
Do what you like, than to regret on what you dislike
Never heard binary options before.

I will never invest in things I don't fully understand.
BO is already bad, if you trade BO in unregulated firm, it is worse.

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