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Hi, I have a lot of personal collections, what should I do?
Have been collecting toys, new nike shoes and collectibles with limited edition stuff since young.

Lost my job since March and seriously thinking of selling my collectibles. I am 37 this year and I don't think I should be keeping all these collections anymore.

I have never put in any thoughts to it before but I really have a strong attachment to my collections.
Bro, you are 37 and you should seriously start to consider life.

I assume you are not married since you have all these toys and nonsense with you.

In order for you to sell all these, you need to fix your emotion first. Start realising it is not right to have the toys and start hating them. Once you establish that emotional detachment to your collections, you are able to price them correctly. When you are too attached to Batman figurine even it only cost $15 in the market, because you add in emotional value it now become $150 - wrong.

The next thing you do is an online listing. Create an ebay or q10 listing so you can promote and showcase to people rather than asking them to come to your 37-years-ago-virgin den. Once you done it consider visiting the toy shops and ask if anyone can accepts consignment. Negotiate a good consignment fee that pays them only after it is sold. It is better to partner a bigger shop with better exposure than having your pathetic ever decreasing list. This is important as once you are left with a few pieces here and there, people will usually have a bad impression of them and will not buy it. Being in the big shop with everlasting supplies of other toys, your toy stand a better chance.
Gary bro, do you need a career? I got something just for you.
You can donate them to salvation army or the churches
Thanks guys for your suggestion. Will do.

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