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Hosting Website With Google Cloud & Cloudflare (Step-by-Step)
Add on to this post: Switch Your Expensive Hosting to Google Cloud Today!, I am able to help you set up a secured Google cloud hosting for just $50 one-time fee.

What you will get is a full fledge web control panel with ftp, email, database, statistic and script installation. It can be configured to any kind of Linux environment. If you need Windows based sever, you will need to pay more for the hosting. The first 2 months will be free and subsequent months will be around $5 a month.

1. and try the cloud for free

[Image: sseLno]

2. Go to Compute Engine > VM Instances and create a new instance. Configure the way you like but you can choose the smallest instance.
If you use asia region it will be slightly more expensive than the US region. To me Google is so fast it didn't really make a different.

[Image: dIIk01]

3. Access your shell and set up the relevant WHM

A list of free Web Hosting Management (WHM) 

4. For better DNS management, like your DNS to cloudflare ( and change the A name to your cloud IP address

5. Install whatever application you want and start mapping your domain over.

6. Done.
It is almost idiot proof.

People who know cloud doesn't need this.

People who need this doesn't need cloud.
I rather choose a slow hosting and use it with cloudflare.

Mess with the best, die like the rest.

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