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How Did A Job In The Beach Is Better Than Working With The IT Giants
[Image: 3062113-poster-p-1-how-i-left-a-12-year-...belize.jpg]

Three months ago, I worked in San Francisco as a marketing leader for a unicorn startup. I earned a salary that let me do, eat, and buy whatever I wanted. Now, I live and work from a beach in Belize, earn half of what I used to, and couldn't be happier.

After spending 12 years on a career path that just wasn’t the dream I'd imagined it would be when I started out on it, I knew it was time to try something else. I also knew that just making small changes probably wouldn't cut it—and that felt liberating. It opened up possibilities I hadn't considered.
So I decided to ditch my conventional San Francisco–tech lifestyle altogether and redefine what career success and happiness should look like on my own terms (and as my own boss) in paradise. I unraveled my American life and quickly built a new business so that I could pick up and live full time as an expat entrepreneur in a developing country.
Here in Belize, I’ve traded oatmeal-colored walls in a Silicon Valley office building for a table under a palapa overlooking the Caribbean Sea—with water more cerulean than any paint color could possibly capture. (If I'm waxing a little rhapsodic here, well, I'm betting you would too!) I decided I'd stop snoozing an alarm clock five days a week and instead wake up naturally to sunlight and birds at 6 a.m.
[Image: 3062113-inline-i-belize-jeanna-barrett.jpg]
Instead of a treadmill facing at a wall at the gym, I ride a beach cruiser to the fruit stand or bakery and swim laps in a pool midday for my lunch break. Sometimes I’ll even say to myself, "Hey it’s Tuesday, and I want to sit in an inner tube in the water all day and drink rum punches instead of open my laptop." So I do it.
I feel more balanced, stress-free, and happy than I ever did during the decade I was trying to push my way to the top. But before I could start working from paradise, I needed to move fast and make some tough choices. Here's how I managed to set up a sustainable business as an independent worker based overseas in just two months' time.

Decide your niche business, and market it correctly. First, decide what your remote online business will be and who your target audience is—hopefully you'll have a sense of this already based on your current skills and the role you're leaving behind. Then build your brand. Whether you’re a developer, designer, or marketer, you need to be able to answer, "Why are you different than your competition?"
I quickly assembled the necessary elements of a professional online business because I knew I needed something that would let me start immediately winning business; I’ll refine my brand once I have it off the ground. For me, the crucial pieces I needed to get my business live were:
Brand elements like a logo, brand colors, and images, and a PowerPoint template for professional pitches. You can hire someone affordable from Etsy or UpWork to do some of the branding essentials for you.

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