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How Hard is Doing Sales in Singapore
There are 3 kinds of salesperson namely: the boss, the salesperson and the worker.

The boss will be the best salesperson of the company. It is a mandatory thing for a boss to know how to sell because they are the one that suppose to sell the company's vision to not only their clients but also the staff. Boss will definitely put in the most effort to sell.

The salesperson, mainly are talented or trained for a long period, is a salesperson at heart. Everywhere they go they make friends and enjoy doing sales. They are very suitable to be salesperson and nothing is difficult for them to sell. These people have huge databases and ready to deploy as and when you need.

The worker is people who do sales for the sake of doing. Neither they enjoy it nor they do well in it, as we can see these two factors are co-related. If you hire people of this category and thought one day they will be different - you will be very wrong. Put him in where he should be and get a good salesperson.

Sales is already very hard in Singapore, do not make it harder by putting a wrong person in sales.

  1. People are not receptive and very skeptical towards new products

  2. We want only unique stuff others do not have

  3. Usually we take more than we own, we claim to have so much ability but we cannot even purchase a cheap item

  4. We plan too much for our future to know we do not need extra item

  5. There are too many alternative sources to be purchased from and we rather spend time hunting on the Internet

Just to name a few, Singapore is one of the worse consumer market to begin with. Our barriers to entry is high and it take up a lot of time to set up. Established brands has their full advantage here.

As business owner, we are bound to have bad business. We are selling XYZ and constantly people who want that item and know us will ask for discount. They thought they are helping us and giving us business, but NO - you are giving us trouble. Let me explain through the 2 examples below:
  • If you are referring a friend to buy product XYZ from me at full price without commission, you are genuinely helping me

  • If you are referring a friend to buy product XYZ from me but request discount to him OR commission to you, I am doing you a favour
As seasoned Singaporean buyers, we can forget about future business or customer royalty. In our current context, we are forced to constantly source for cheaper alternatives.
Sales is always very hard,
whether it is in Singapore or anywhere else......
(31-10-2016, 06:28 PM)Mark Wrote: Sales is always very hard,
whether it is in Singapore or anywhere else......

I'll totally agree with you Mark.......!!
No doubt sales is very hard, that's why we got sales workshop, networking, business meet ups and many more to help people growth easier.
Please rate me if I helped you Smile
I know some sales man 1 whole year only clinged 1 deal

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