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How do I start a unintentional small talk?
10. Practice with everyone you meet
Whether it’s the doorman at work or a fellow passenger on the train, try your hand at small talk with everyone, says Rohan Sinha.

Eventually, you’ll start feeling more comfortable striking up and maintaining interesting conversations.
11. Use the ARE format
Andrian Iliopoulos uses a method from communications expert Carol Fleming:

A-nchor: Find something you two have in common right now. For example, “This cocktail is really fancy, what’s in it?”
R-eveal: Share something personal with the other person. For example, “I tried a similar cocktail at a beach bar in Malibu last year and it blew me away.”
E-ncourage: Invite them to share something personal. For example, “I can see it in your eyes that you hate cocktails. You are more of a whiskey drinker, aren’t you?”
12. Ask a better version of, ‘What do you do?’
In a 2013 blog post, bestselling author Gretchen Rubin suggests asking people you meet: “What’s keeping you busy these days?”

Writes Rubin, “It’s useful because it allows people to choose their focus (work, volunteer, family, hobby) — preferable to the inevitable question (well, inevitable at least in New York City): ‘What do you do?'”
13. Know that other people feel weird, too
“You are totally not alone in feeling awkward or shy,” writes Tammy_Tangerine on Reddit. “Other people are struggling with that as well, and these feelings are totally ok and nothing to feel ashamed about.”

She adds that even people who look incredibly confident may be struggling with the same self-doubts that you are.

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