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I Have Uninstalled Microsoft Office, OfficeSuite & All Office Application

[Image: PGfZjRCjcdpt_HJafAZ1D_4vDaeL2LOBe0e4pNSF...30-h307-no]
As simple as the URL goes, Google Drive have all the essential needs - Doc, Spreadsheet & Presentation. There are plenty more plugins and community products to choose from, but life is short and we only need what we really use.

Whenever I receive a office file, all I have to do is to upload to Google Drive and edit from it. When I got the file from email, it is even easier as all I have to do is click on Open from Drive. This is what 21st century suppose to be and have as little application as possible. What happened is we may change our machines or it got lost anytime. If we hardness the power of cloud, anywhere and everywhere is our workspace.

Thin client and zero client have been around for quite some time but only recently been made popular with all the cloud technology. Imagine all your office infrastructure only need a touch screen and you can set up in everywhere around the world. You can build franchise, branches and front office way faster and cheaper.

Back to Google Drive, there have just too many great functions to replace the traditional office and it has matured. Comparing to 5 years ago, there are many limitations in Google Drive but now they can read any format and preserve the best layout. What's even better? You don't have to pay and upgrade is immediately.

When we talk about upgrading of software, every engineers will try to take leave during that season. Two most worrying factor is the hardware incompatibility and changed of configuration. Many a times department function differently and when there is a software update, someone will procure it without much consideration and expect it work work. The technician on the hand will be force to solve such problem. Secondly, smart aleck user who like to change the configuration often screw up the installation and usually a hard format will be required. It will take up too much time just to diagnose and roll back what the user has done.

This will NEVER happen in Google Drive, they also keep 500 revision history of your changes and who have change it. Imagine multiple user access with sharing that come with full security - it is just like Santa Claus give you a machine gun, assembled with horde of ammunitions. 50 or more (so far this is the number I have personally tried) people can edit a Google Doc/Spreadsheet/Presentation at the same time. Talking about simply accessing it, unlimited is the number I guess.

Switch to Google Drive today, consult me for transition if needed Smile

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You have deleted All MS desktop application for Google Drive web application....
Lol... It nice to know that......
Thanks for the post.....
But, if there no internet connection and you have to make a urgent excel sheet then what should you do?

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