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I leave my business and ended up jobless for 6 months
The main point is, don't leave your business or don't quit your job if you have one.

I started an event business for 3 years and decided it is time to put a stop. Unfortunately, I am unable to continue my business and decided to went back to work. I didn't realise the job market is so bad now I cannot even find a job at my level for 6 months. Of course we put fast food aside, but even as an event coordinator also not qualified.

Well, if anyone is reading this, always start a business when you have full support and confidence.
In the first place you should not have left your job to start a part time business.
HAHAHA... This is one of the best joke I seen today. Sorry about that but isn't that a foolish move?
You are lucky to have a business in the first place. People from poor places do not even have enough food.
You are somebody that will leave your baby
boss is boss never quite your job if boss insult you lol

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