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[Idea] BILLITTOME - Your Bill Management Company
Every missed your bills and ended up you need to pay a hefty penalty?

Too many bills every month you literally lost track of it?

You want automated payment but have bad experience with GIRO?

You need a consolidated (online) monthly report on all your bills?

Have no idea how to do personal or company cash flow?

Search no more. Bill-It-To-Me (, to be registered) will be your bill concierge that is able to handle both your company and personal bills. Set all your bills mailing address to us and we are able to register the bill for you. Tiered payment per bill per month is $0.20 to $0.50. No deposit will be collected. Just pay us one consolidated bill once a month - hassle free. Credit feature may be added in the future based on good payment records.

Example of bills you can mail to us:
  • Credit card bill
  • Utility bill
  • Internet bill
  • Mobile bill
  • Club fee
  • Membership fee
  • Insurance payment
  • Car instalment
  • House mortgage
  • Fix invoice payment
  • Furniture instalment
  • MANY MORE...
Seeking $50,000 for set up and monthly after the 6th month for operation. Please feel free to ask me more questions. Thank you.
How many bills and customers you need a month before you can breakeven?
Do you even know all government agencies or official bills can be converted to e-bills? They are encouraging us to convert to e-bills instead of receiving the physical bills. If you still want to receive physical bills, in 3 months you will be gone, far.
Maybe $0.10 or $0.05 per piece make sense for people to send their bill to you.

It will not be cost effective to you unless you tie up directly with the billing company.
Very interesting but not cost effective. In that case why not everything to PO Box and let them do an imaging for you?

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