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[Idea] Should we fund our own astronaut or space program?
Singapore being one of the advance city in science, shouldn't we start exploring our part of the space? Space technology seem like the future and Singaporean is known for their kia-su-ness.

Starting early and being in control will put us in many advantageous. Unfortunately I don't know where and how to start. Anyone have any idea please contribute. We can invite foreign researcher or technology holder here with grants and land as carrot on a stick. Get our own people to learn from them as much as possible and modified it so we can claim it to be our technology. Immediately patent any of our own "inventions" and start sending our "experts" to oversea for exchange program. These "experts" will acquire more knowledge and can return to contribute these knowledge once again. Soon enough we have our own space academy.

I am proposing to have one of the island to be a space research centre + exhibition + launch site. Our mainland is far too valuable to do anything like this. Many spacecraft or parts will then come to our centre for repairs like our aviation sector. Elon Musk will be very happy to work with us - based on his relationship with Mark Zuckerberg, and based on Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin relationship with Singapore.

Think about it and let me know if it is feasible. =)))
Yeah.. I think thats a good idea..
Everything we have done in our life have some specific reason...
That means some for our family, some for us....
This is the chance to do something for country apart from there where we are...
So, off course if that happens everyone should appreciate & come to help,.......
Singapore is a jack of all trade. Just see how lousy your youth Olympic and F1 is. Almost every foreigners who came here for these 2 events regretted immediately and swear not to come back again. Please focus on economics growth and not extra entertainment that you all dream to be a market leader, it really make you all look ridiculous.
Please, fund to make our live better first then talk about other nonsense.
start your own nuclear project first.

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