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[Idea] Trinity Storage - Make Everyone's Devices Useful Again
It is called trinity because at every single point of time, a file should have 3 contact point.

We are all familiar with P2P storage, but using whose server?

Server may soon run out and people will need to pay for this P2P hosting.

We have so many devices with storage that is not utilised, I want to develop a P2P hosting where everyone devices is shared to the main cloud and all data is encrypted without able to intrude one another's privacy.

It is like Bitcoin, Bitcoin is storing hash code, this is storing powerful data for our daily usage.

Anyone interested?
I don't understand about IT stuff at all.
Why would computer companies do that when storage are getting bigger and cheaper by the day?
It will make sense if it work with my data consolidation project.

We eliminate the unused and maximise the existing resources.

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