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If you want to go FAST, get a partner. If you want to go far, DO it yourself
Most of the partnership doesn't end well. 一山不能藏二虎

A mountain cannot hide 2 tigers. You can only have 1 decision maker or 1 leader.

We know Microsoft, we know Bill
We know Apple, we know Job
We know Tesla, we know Elon
We know Alibaba, we know Jack
We know Berkshire Hathaway, we know Buffett

The list goes on.

We seldom see a big company with a couple of prominent figure - for the simple fact partnership only give you a good start.
I am always the sole owner of my business and I enjoy that. No one to report to and I can work only during my free time
Please rate me if I helped you Smile
I always admire this thing....

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