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In and Out of Present Technology
Are people becoming less and less loyal to tech brands as they discover something new that can do the job better even when it wasn’t a brand that they would consider buying before? I believe so. I count myself as a particularly promiscuous consumer who is quite happy to pragmatically change brands on a whim if I find something that will do the job better. In fact i have done it three times in the last week to prove the point. I changed three mainstays of my tech life with brands that I would not have considered before but which now offered superior experience.

Here's what I have changed and why:

1) Out: Sony Mobile

I loved my Song Mobile for the 6 months i had it until it just went dead. It was very cool and easy to use but then it started slowing down and even wouldn't connect with my bluetooth Song headphones ironically and then just died altogether!

2) In: Huawei Mobile

So in came my first Chinese branded mobile. The Huawei P9 plus is super cool, super fast, super light and easy to use. Photos are a dream on it and being an android it seamlessly connects with all my Google mail, cloud and folders. It didn't though talk at all to my bluetooth Sony headphones........

3) Out: Lenono ThinkPad X1 Carbon/Yoga

I used to be it's biggest fan but then my first one became faulty after 18 months with no picture, my 2nd one did the same and wouldn't work without being plugged in and that was the end of my loyalty to Lenovo.

4) In: Microsoft Surface Professional 4

I replaced it with the very cool and perfect for my business Surface Pro4. Not only is this perfect for doing presentations, has a fantastic touch screen (great for presentations using multi tabs) but it's fast, very light and easy to use.

The clip on clip off keyboard allows me to do presentations without it or watch films/programms/work on a plane while having dinner simultanesouly or while taking off and landing (something airlines don't allow you to do with laptops). It's visuals are top notch and its ease of use is fantastic. It also looks stylish and is very impressive.

5) Out Sony bluetooth Walkman headphones

When I first used this I loved it but then it started having glitches. It wouldn't talk to my Sony mobile bizarrely without a restart and then wouldn't talk to my Huawei phone at all. As I used my Spotify on my phone to play my music when I cycled and went to the gym through my bluetooth headphones it was essential that the two connect so that was the end of them.....

Also they are fairly clunky as you can see....they also have a battery life of a nano second and there was no in ear/noise cancellation options.

6) In: Jaybird bluetooth headphones

Step forwards the amazingly light and long lasting Jaybird bluetooth headphones. Everything the Sony ones weren't the Jaybird are. You hardly notice them on you when you move ( I cycle with them and do everything a gym can offer from weights to cross training with them and they remain on and you don't feel them).

The sound quality is also 10x better than the Sony ones and because they are in ear the amount of outside noise is zero. The other really impressive part of them is the battery. It goes on forever. Literally hours and hours. Plus they have a charger which attaches to the headphones themselves and to give you even more hours without having to remove them. Fantastic all round.

What’s changed in your tech world and why?
I believe XiaoMi is IN too.

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