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Investors Needed for Real Solar Financing Projects

I am looking for investors to finance solar projects that can be install on the roof. We already have several projects and now we seek SGD 2 Million for the installation of 4 industrial building. Each buildings have more than 20 years of lease.

Total kilowatt: 800,000
Per per kilowatt: $2.50
Board: Photovoltaic 350watt panel
1m-square: 200watt.

Investment includes cabling, workman, inductor and configuration. Wo not do supply batteries and we do not recommend batteries.
All buildings currently are using low-tension transformer.

With Singapore's sun around 4 hour a day, we are expecting to recover our investment after the 9th years.

Depending on business direction, we can do a pre-exit and sell off our business if there are buyers after the 2nd year. Open for discussion.
Haha, I see what you did there.

There is one person in this forum have that solar mlm, you should have come in earlier, now she spoilt your whole energy thing.

ROI too low.
Thanks for the post.......!!!
Thanks for sharing .........
Oh that's really a good news for the investors & the Singaporean also....
Have you tried the list of energy financier here:
Crazy, Singapore is the only country without government's incentive on green energy. Base on pure returns no one will ever be interested.
You mean there are unreal solar project? They take lunar light or star light? I like star light though, it is cool to even mention it. S-T-A-R L-I-G-H-T
Shouldn't NEA fund you instead of getting funders from the Internet?
There are only 3.5 hours of effective sunlight in Singapore right?

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