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Is Business a Male Thing?
It catch my attention when wherever I go, the founder and bosses are usually the male. Female indefinitely yes, but way smaller in number.

There are big companies that hire female CEO but it is founded by the male. What happened to female bosses and why there are so few of us actually interested in doing business?

We are not taking about half a century ago where female are commonly adjusted to be the homemakers. Whatever women do at the era, she will end up having a family and doing what a women depict in the tradition.

This is a totally different era where male and female stand equal chances in the society (not trying to be a female nazi here). We can support ourselves and a lot of us makes more than the men. Especially the singles who do not have to worry about their family and guys always pay even when it is not a date, we should have more time and money to start our business.

I am just so curious why not the majority of us are in the line of business.  Huh
Not really, most business are handed down from their father. Traditionally female will take the surname of the family they get married into, so the father always hand the business down to the son instead.
We have a lot of home base female entrepreneur. Probably our environment is suitable for it.
I have a lot of female friends who are bosses, they are doing better than me. :O

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