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Is Insurance Allowed Here?
As the topic,  I am new and do not want to infringe any hidden or unread rules.

If anyone can answer me this Smile

Thank you.
Technically, insurance agents are not business owner. They are the glorified salesperson for their company. The one who own the company is then the business owner.

Anyhow, feel free to share your experience and contribute here. Please don't sell me insurance ><
Hi ShuLing, I have written an article that may interest you - Is Insurance, MLM & Real Estate Agent Considered Business Owner?
Insurance is a decent business too. Of course you are not infringing any rules.
Insurance may not be a business, but it is a business essential. In fact everyone needs it. Please do not compare insurance with MLM.
Hey guys, which agency are you from?
Thank guys.

I am from FA, what about you Jalil?
This is a social site cum business site cum whatever site is.......
Everyone uses this site for their own profit & purpose ...
So why don't you can....

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