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Is it a good time to enter as a real estate salesperson?
The common choices are used car salesperson, real estate salesperson, financial adviser and banking customer support.

I know there is cooling measure and all the crazy taxes, but is it better to enter the real estate market instead of the rest I just mentioned?
I just heard from my friend who attended the RES exam on 1st and 2nd October - there are still a lot of new agents despite the bad market.
Don't worry about the new agents, generally only the top 5% are are good agents, the rest are just lousy agents.
Hi Helen...
I wanna a unit beside the road for my business...
As you real estate sales person, Could you recommend me something like that?
Thanks for the post.......Ma'am...!!!
Not a good time, especially CEA want to stop more people from entering.
It will be good knowledge to learn, but not a good time to enter even in other parts of the world.
Don't enter now, you will regret.
Many RES are converting to become used car salesperson.
I think with your face you can.

In fact with this kind of face you can do well in most jobs.

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