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Keeping money in my safe is the best investment
Just to share, my business require cash flow and I don't have time to queue at banks. I always keep my money in the safe and use it as and when i need. The money grow faster this way, I saw my money grow and increase over the year from the same safe. This is a bit of the "feng shui", when the money is with you, you can work better and have a peace of mind. I do believe in business than investment, try it for yourself.
When you think too much, if become self-fulfilling prophesy Big Grin
You got so much money until you need a safe ar??? Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin Hello my best friend...
Belamy, how old are you? My parents used to do that but it was in the 60s
It will be dangerous when your house caught fire or burglarised. Nothing can vouch your wealth for the insurance to compensate.
I don't keep the notes, but I collect coins. I have a few jars of coins filled to the brim. 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents and $1.
(14-10-2016, 06:13 PM)Melinda Wrote: Belamy, how old are you? My parents used to do that but it was in the 60s

Haha, my mum tell me if it is a good practice, i must follow.
I keep 30% cash and 70% of the remains go into bank. Nowadays bank can just go bust without a sound and god knows how much SDIC is able to pay. Just like Lehman affected AIG. Even insurance also not guaranteed
By protecting it is already considered an investment. It is better than people throwing into binary options and forex making the money become nothing.
You know you have a nice ride when you want to bring it to the forest just to look at its exhaust.
I keep my money under my bed, they say if I sleep on my money, it will multiple in my dream and when I wake up it will really happen

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