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Learn Basic Geomancy
I am sharing some of my knowledge with you. If you need more help, my charges $130 per hour.

5 Element & Directions Explained
  • Water - North - Blue, Lines & Curves, 2 & 7, House: Bright, Modern
  • Fire - South - Red, Triangle, 3 & 8, House: Romantic, Fantasy, Elegance
  • Wood - East - Green, Rectangle, 4 & 9, House: Stunning, City, Convenience
  • Metal - West - Gold, Round, 1 & 6, House: Skyscraper, Woody, Comfy
  • Earth - Centre - Yellow, Square, 5, House: Spacious, Freedom
  • 1234 is small element, 6789 is big element
  • Dragon cannot sit South-East Facing North-West
  • Horse cannot sit South Facing North
  • Chicken cannot sit West facing East
  • Pig cannot sit North-West facing South-East
Chinese Zodiac With Support And Control
  • 4 Kings: Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse | Must have character: 大王令冠长
  • 4 Blossoms: Rat, Rabbit, Horse, Chicken | Must have character: 骏羽
  • 4 Self-destruct: Dragon, Horse, Chicken, Pig | Must have character: 振丘贝言丽
  • Self-trap: Cow, Dragon, Goat, Dog | Must have character: 成
  • Best group of 4: Rat, Dragon, Monkey | Cow, Snake, Chicken | Tiger, Horse, Dog | Rabbit, Goat, Pig
  • Best group of 6: Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse | Goat, Monkey, Chicken, Dog, Pig, Rat
  • Does not mix: Tiger & Pig, Monkey & Chicken
Location Of Your House Is Important
  • Most important areas: Door, Kitchen, Bedroom
  • House facing highway will have wealth come and go
  • House facing electric pole will have health problems and conflicts
  • House near hospital will have unstable magnetism
  • House near police post will have rumour and dispute
  • House near temple will affect emotion of household members
  • House near cemetery will have sleeping and relationship problem
  • House near rubbish dump will have health problem
  • House door facing another house will have conflict problem
  • House door facing lift will have money problem
  • House door facing corner will have health problem
Internal Layout Of Your House Affects Too
  • Stairway going up right inside front door will have accident
  • Stairway going down right inside front door will have cash problem
  • Main door facing kitchen door will affect women's health
  • Kitchen door facing room door will affect temper
  • Kitchen door facing toilet will affect stomach 
  • Bed head facing stove will affect health and temper
  • Bed head facing wash room will have health problem
  • Bed head facing mirror will have sleep problem
  • Bed head facing toilet will have negative thinking
  • Things above bed head will have pressure and discomfort
Position of Stove In The Past Is How Much You Can Feed Yourself
  • Fire and water can never mix together
  • Stove is something affect us in every ways directly, cos it produce food 
  • People with fire element should not angry
  • Stove cannot be beside or opposite tap
  • Stove cannot be beside washing machine, money will lost fast
  • Stove cannot face north else conflict
  • Tap cannot face south, else conflict
  • Stove facing kitchen door will be difficult to conserve cash
  • Stove must have wall behind for protection of family
  • Beam above stove will have financial problem
How To Pick A Good Chinese Name
  • Name cannot use flower names
  • Name cannot use four season
  • Name cannot be temporary or fantasy
  • Name cannot have weapon names
  • Name cannot sound bad
  • Name cannot be related his own Chinese Zodiac symbol
  • NO: 君,凤,春夏秋冬,梅兰竹菊,正,莲,梨,燕,婵,淑,忠义顺强,霞云虹梦霜萍枝,国,月,姿,素,刀矛匕伐片利芬智,欣力紫仙
  • Yin: Inside, down, left, daughter, money
  • Yang: Outside, top, right, son, assets
  • 1st character Yin: 21-30, 1st character Yang: 31-40, 2nd character Yin: 41-50, 2nd character Yang: 51-60
Design A Business Card That Will Give You Business
  • Business card should not have graffiti
  • Business card should not have outer box
  • Business card should not have a lot of lines
  • Business card should not be folded
  • Business card should not have unclear wordings
  • Business card should not have two person’s name
  • Business card should not be triangle in content
  • Business card should not be ‘工’ in content
  • Business card should have name on the right
  • Business card should have an overall ‘門’
But , don't know what is Geomacy. could you explain?
Thanks for the post..!!
Thats a long post...!!!
Thanks for sharing.....
If feng shui works, no one work

people should stop believing the alignment of stars, plants and highway will affect your wealth. Just because 1 or 2 rich people have such settings everyone thought is real. grow up and don't be stupid, do your own research of the rich people's house, many have bad feng shui but still rich. Just because 1 person bankrupt due to his "feng shui", it means it is bad. NO! Many people have good feng shui also bankrupt.

what a pile of nonsense
I always get intrigue by feng shui. So many old people believe in it with their life. So horrible
How much for you to take a look at my house?
Haha, if geomancy really so good schools will start to teach their students and business courses can shut down already.

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