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Leisure World Anyone...?
Anyone else got cheated in Leisure World before? Got 1 junket brought me up the ship and made my lose my pants...

The Leisure World was delivered on December 10, 1969 as Skyward for cruise services along with her sister, the Starward. Skyward and Starward were the first purpose built ships of Norwegian Cruise Line. During a cruise in 1973 a large amount of passengers became ill due to infected water. In 1979 a boiler room fire broke out on board the Skyward, and consequently her engines had to be stopped and her passengers transferred to the Starward. She was operated by her original owners until 1991, when the Skyward was purchased by Johnson Sembawang Shipmanagement in Nassau to become the Shangri-la World. Shangri-la World operated cruises out of Singapore. After going through several name changes in the 1990s, the now renamed Leisure World was rebuilt and renovated in Jacksonville, Florida and sold to Queenstown Investments in 1995. In 2000 she was sold to New Century Cruise Line, who operate her as a casino/entertainment ship out of Singapore.As a casino ship, she was one of at least 3 casino ships (Long Jie(formerly Omar), Royale Star) operating off Batam. Following the opening of the 2 legal land casinos in Singapore, ship casinos' business suffered badly. As a result, all the casino ships closed down except for MV Leisure World. In 2014, a new casino ship (Ocean Grand) emerged to compete with Leisure World. Unfortunately, she closed down about 6 months later despite advertisements in "The New Paper" (a Singapore tabloid). Since then, business has picked up at Leisure World.Every alternate Wednesday, she will return to Harbour Front Centre in Singapore for replenishment.
you don't go to a casino and expect to walk away with your winnings, my grandfather have been telling me this

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