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Listening to how the rich people talk makes me want to be rich too
Have you listened to Jack Ma, Steve Jobs or any of the rich people speak?

Aside from their perfect presentation and incredibly charismatic personality, do you find a lot things they say may not necessary make sense?

BUT, who cares when they are rich?

If you put a poor or average person up the stage saying what they say, it will not make sense anymore and we will not trust anymore. It is our human instinct to trust people who are more successful than us. That is why a lot of the people get scammed when someone appear to be better asking them for money.

When you poor, any golden advise you give become dung. When you are rich, any dung you speak become golden words.

Imagine Bill Gates shares one of his secret to success is to throw a $100 bill out of his window every morning so he can become what he is like today. How many idiots will follow blindly and later found out it is just a social experiment. Exactly like "we ate 8 spiders a year during our sleep" - it is not necessary true just because the Internet say so.
That is what happen to us when we are still in the school. Teachers and lecturers say whatsoever we will still nod and assume it is correct. ZZZ. now think back I feel stupid for believing everything they said.
That is why trainers always showcase their profiles before they start. 80% of their credentials are either fake, not important or does not matter.
At least we listen to our parents whether they are rich or poor

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