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Liven up the atmosphere in your office (and it start with the boss)
Have you ever wonder Monday blue is another self-fulfilling prophesy?

You heard your friends hate Monday -> You hate Monday too -> You get depressed on Sun evening -> Your other friends get affected -> They hate Monday too -> You go to work depressed -> You made mistake -> You get reprimanded -> You confirmed you hate Monday -> Your colleague saw and they hate Monday too -> They are depressed on their Sunday evening -> Their friends hate Monday too.

The list goes on and on and on.

Start from ourselves. How can we make Monday a better day? How can be make our fellow colleague love Monday and looking forward to start work? And it all start with the boss...
Very true your emoticon will travel to another through brainwaves and metaphysics ways. A lot of our emotions derive from our subconscious mind which made up 95% of our thoughts. Like minded attracts, start behaving positively and you will influence others and also attract the good people.
Please rate me if I helped you Smile
A lot of companies have their meeting held on Monday morning, one is the plan for the rest of the week, another is probably to ease the boring Monday mood.

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