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Locomotive is the most important part of your business
We imagine our business life journey as a steam train, traveling from A to B and so on. Every station the business would wish to have more passengers or goods to be transported so the business can grow. As business grow, we hope to add on more carriages to the train system.

There may be valuable human asset and goods in different carriages, but if the train stopped at the wrong station or failed to reach its destination, all assets will be wasted.

It takes a lot of courages to start as the first person, and this person usually have to be the founder of the company. He shared his vision and success to his peers and they follow. The good followers will learn how this person worked and one day, eventually he will also become the locomotive.

After setting our direction, when we view a business this way, we have more self-aware on how our mindset can benefit the business.

Head on!

[Image: Leviathan_63_Train_Festival_2009.jpg]
Nice read. Thank you for sharing.
Lets look forward being the train head and have carriers following you!
Good thinking.
If we break it down, isn't the engineer that engineered the locomotive is the best one?

People who laid the tracks give you an opportunity to move forward?

Explorers who not even know where are they going?

You are just viewing yourself as middleman.

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