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Look What Oracle Founder Is Doing With The Money You Paid For Your Products
[Image: larry-ellison-52.jpg]

Larry Ellison, founder and chairman of international mega-giant Oracle, is one of the most interesting figures in tech.

From yacht racing to buying whole Hawaiian islands to trash-talking competitors, it’s always a wonder to see what Ellison is going to do next.

Here’s how he went from two-time college dropout all the way to international playboy:
[Image: lawrence-joseph-ellison-was-born-in-the-...ellman.jpg]

Lawrence Joseph Ellison was born in the Bronx on August 17, 1944, the son of a single mother named Florence Spellman.
[Image: when-he-was-9-months-old-baby-larry-came...llison.jpg]

When he was 9 months old, baby Larry came down with pneumonia. His mom sent him to Chicago to live with his aunt and uncle, Lillian and Louis Ellison.
[Image: louis-his-adoptive-father-was-a-russian-...island.jpg]

Louis, his adoptive father, was a Russian immigrant who took the name “Ellison” in tribute to the place in which he entered the US: Ellis Island.
[Image: ellison-went-to-high-school-in-chicagos-...mpaign.jpg]

Ellison went to high school in Chicago’s middle-class South Side before attending the city’s University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
[Image: when-his-adoptive-mother-died-during-his...mester.jpg]

When his adoptive mother died during his second year at college, Ellison dropped out. He tried college again later at the University of Chicago, but dropped out again after only one semester.

Finally, in 1966, a 22-year-old Ellison moved to Berkeley, California — right near the future Silicon Valley, already the place where the burgeoning tech industry was taking off.
[Image: he-made-the-trip-from-chicago-to-califor...w-life.jpg]

He made the trip from Chicago to California in a flashy turquoise Thunderbird that he thought would make an impression in his new life.
[Image: ellison-bounced-around-from-job-to-job-i...skills.jpg]

Ellison bounced around from job to job, including stints at companies like Wells Fargo and mainframe manufacturer Amdahl. Along the way, he learned his computer and programming skills.

The turning point came when Ellison came to work for electronics company Ampex, which had a contract to build a database for the CIA codenamed “Oracle.”

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