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Marketing Basics
  • Niche is not in enough, you will need it to be scalable, sustainable and adaptable.
  • Review marketing after certain period
  • Calls to action
  • Powerful headlines, "How I made $10,000 in 3 days", "Don't go out until you read these facts"
  • Presentation 1. canned presentation, memorized presentation. 2. outline presentation, heading is the same, but after that will relate to buyer. 3. Programme presentation, customized presentation
  • Advertisement is not an replacement for salesperson but an enhancement
  • Product - 1. core, 2. tangible (packaging), 3. augmented (warranty)
  • Best to have product that generates recurring income
  • Price points, different pricing to cater various organisation e.g. recommended retail price: $100, reseller: $64, government: $60, education: $65
  • It takes 7 exposure to a sales message before an average consumer take action
What are the different kinds of sales and marketing team

Undefined - have own task from each department with repeat effort.
Defined - have rules to prevent disputes but repeat effort still remains.
Aligned - Clear but flexible boundaries with joint campaigns.
Integrated - as a whole, share rewards and success. Have downstream (tactical) and upstream (strategy) marketers.
What are the different kinds of agile marketing processes?
  • Field marketing: products, referral programs, strategic sales
  • Corporate marketing: branding, messaging, facilitation
  • Channel marketing: partners process, extension of branding and messaging
  • Sales: sales process, deliveries, sales tools, corporate objectives
  • Internet marketing: innovations and extension of traditional marketings
  • Marketing systems: driving infrastructure, campaigns, support
Its good to know....!!

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