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Mass Market & Cowboy Agent
Personally I would like to be identified as a Real Estate Adviser. I advise my clients on the right time to enter the market and exit. Even sales is slow in this few years, I will advise my clients to preserve their capital for a better time.

Many agents are uneducated and this puzzle me how do they even pass the CEA exam or to explain clearly to their clients what are they signing. Agents make their millions before cooling measure when the demand is higher than the supply. As the trend reversed, many went into cafe business or become cab driver.

Ask yourself if you like to be hard-sold or get misled all the time? No one like that including your client. We can win client heart with a lot of methods, including honesty and integrity.

This is a butterfly effect, if we continue to do what we do, CEA will continue to implement harsher policies. Think about it.
Blame yourself if you cannot find success
My aunty just sold her house, this agent called Kelvin undersold her house and I am surprise how can he actually do that. My aunty have no idea too and she thought the agents are authorised to do that after signing the agency agreement. You are right about this, agents need to upload their professionalism or this will soon be a dying trade.

You mean uphold?

I never liked the mass market agent.
Blame yourself if you cannot find success
Me too Eugene....
So, that is good .....
Whatever you does that's enough
but, we have to remember that god gave us chances to prove ourselves...
we have take chances in our life...
You cannot simply condemn others just because you are in the market for long, every industry have their bad sheep and just because you cannot eat the grapes you claim there are sour.

If you are real good you will not have the condemn mindset.

Who are you to condemn others? How many sales have you done so far?
Wow, CEA to implement harsher punishment? This guy definitely not an agent, he is a jackass liar.
@Eugene. To each his own and if he can sell, then let him be, no one need your opinion.

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