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Medevac Financing
Healthcare is one of the essential today and the rich will appreciate healthcare much more. If anyone still remember Kwa Geok Choo, LKY's late wife was sick and was transport to UK via a modified airplane with the necessary medical facilities? That is a good example medevac.

People are getting older and good doctors are in high demand. Sometimes the doctors are not in Singapore or foreigners want to received our first class medical service but unable to take long haul sitting flight. Medevac is used to transport patient with the necessary equipment and configuration to do it effectively. Its job is to ensure the patient can arrive in one piece for further treatment. Medevac usually have priority clearance even at busy airport, as this is life and death, they are usually cleared to go first.

The benefits of medevac is unlimited and it will bring significant economy impact to our local market. That is why we seek 18m to purchase 2 private jets as well as the operation cost for 18 months. ROI will be 20% yearly. Reply for more discussion
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