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Multi-Storey Organic Automated Farm System
Amount I am looking for in SGD: $13m

Timeline for the funding: 1.5 years

Type of funding: non equity profit sharing model

Type of exit method for the investors: May exit anytime after the 5th year with full capital buy back.

Brief description of my idea: Company have USDA certificate. Full grown organic vegetable and fruits that only need 2 staff per acre. Fully automated system from planting to boxing. Average to yield 450 kg per day per acre. ROI is 20% a year. Already have supermarket contract.
What supermarket contract you have acquired and what kind of pricing do they buy from you per kg?
Where are these going to be built? Lim Chu Kang already is withdrawing their land.
we need organic tea leave plantation, can your farm grow tea leave?
I think chu kang is withdrawing why you are building a new one ?
Can we park our park there since it is a multi storey setup. I can get a lot of people to park their car there if carpark lots are provided.
I went to AVA yesterday, their farm is so small and the environment is not suitable for such high end vegetable, are you sure you don't want to try Malaysia or something?

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