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My Client's Lost Everything Due To One Sickness
Real life story.

I have a client in his 60s. Very healthy businessman with business presences in China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. He exercise regularly and hardly eat unhealthy food. A few months ago he contract prostate cancer, stage 4.

It was a successful operation and part of the prostate was dissected. He will have to go through 8 chemo session and have went through 5 so far. Instead of killing the cancer cells, it grow exponentially and my client become weaker.

During this period he has been flying to China, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia to either close his business or to sell it off if there are good buyers. He know it will be very difficult for his daughter to take care of his businesses because they do not have the kind of relationship he has with his client. It will be better to gather cash with the business is still running.

Now think about it, if he is not a business owner and as a normal Singaporean, how much will the medical bill pull him down? He may get all stressed up by the medical bills and make his condition worse. This is why insurance is needed not because you can afford the premium, it is because you may not be able to afford the bill in the future.
I'll pray that You will get well soon sir.........
Thanks for sharing.......
I will agree...
Everyone needs a Health Insurance...
Hope get well soon sir...
Whether we buy insurance or not, when we are meant to go, we have to go.
I think insurance shouldn't be advertising. It is a very bad omen.

Imagine telling someone my company MAY pay you after you die. See the word MAY? Insurance will always try their best to reject claims, how unscrupulous!

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