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Never Try To Sue An Internet Giant For Compensation
Evan Doll, the co-founder of news reading app Flipboard, tweeted out a funny story about Steve Jobs from when he worked at Apple.

Doll worked at Apple from 2003-2009, according to his LinkedIn page. During that period, Apple and Google were accused of working together to not poach each other’s employees. They, along with a number of other tech companies, agreed to a $415 million settlement with employees as a result of a lawsuit based on those charges.
Doll just got his check from that settlement. He tweeted that his check works out to roughly $1,000 per year for the time he spent at Apple. He joked that it “seemed fair.” (Presumably, it was not fair because if Google and Apple were bidding over his services his earnings would have been much higher, especially when Google was pre-IPO and offering lucrative stock packages.)
Doll then used that tweet as an opportunity to tell a story about an Apple employee asking Steve Jobs why Apple underpaid its engineers. Jobs response was the sort of thing only Steve Jobs could say.
Just got my settlement check in the mail for the Apple/Google no-poach class action suit. Worked out to about $1k/year. That seems fair

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