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North Korea Is Actuallly Not What You Think It Is
[Image: rts5h7a.jpg]

Everyone’s heard a thing or two about North Korea, the “hermit kingdom” that sits on the east coast of China.

North Korea frequently makes headlines as its government continues to tout its military hardware and make boisterous, but so far benign, nuclear threats.
The country has been linked to several cyber-related incidents lately, but it denies involvement.

Still, the one thing that remains a bit of a mystery is what goes on inside the hermit kingdom as data isn’t readily available or reliable. But check out below some of the things we do know about what makes the country tick:
[Image: north-korea-recently-created-its-own-tim...d-time.jpg]
North Korea recently created its own time zone: Pyongyang Standard Time.

North Korea created its own time zone.

Starting August 15, the country now goes by Pyongyang Time, which will bring back the country to the time zone used on the Korean peninsula before Japanese rule.
[Image: it-costs-8000-to-defect-from-north-korea.jpg]
It costs $8,000 to defect from North Korea.

Since Kim Jong Un took power, it has gotten more expensive to defect from the hermit kingdom.

It costs about $8,000 to get to China, which is way more than the average North Korean can afford considering the GDP per capita is $1,800.
[Image: the-late-kim-jong-ils-annual-cognac-expe...income.jpg]
The late Kim Jong Il’s annual cognac expense was 800 times the average North Korean’s annual income.

Kim Jong Il, the father of Kim Jong Un, reportedly spent £700,000 on Hennessy each year. That’s about $1.2 million.

The average annual income in North Korea is estimated to be between $1,000 and $2,000. We used $1,500 in our calculation.
[Image: north-koreans-born-after-the-korean-war-...verage.jpg]
North Koreans born after the Korean War are about 2 inches shorter than South Koreans on average.

This height difference is attributed to the fact that 6 million North Koreans are in need of food, and one-third of children are chronically malnourished.

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