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Old wood floor maintenance articles
Natural lacquer Solid wood flooring: After the wood floor is clean and clean, it should be coated with a layer of diluted wood floor polish. If the use of wood flooring is relatively frequent,deck o seal renu strips may be appropriate to increase the concentration of polishing agent. Under normal circumstances the living room can be maintained once a month, and often access to the kitchen, living room, etc. need to be maintained every week.
Oil wax solid wood flooring: the wood floor completely clean and keep dry,high grade vinyl fencing then the surface of the wood floor coated with a thin layer of light oil wax, with a soft cloth to polish the wood floor and the excess oil trapped to avoid the occurrence of bright spots The Do not rush to use the light wax on the floor of the floor, should be naturally dry in the evening.
After a long period of use, natural lacquer solid wood flooring or waxy solid wood flooring will be difficult to use ordinary cleaning methods to remove the dirt,buy wholesale decking in europe different situations have different solutions.

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