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Pattern Recognition - Genius, Prediction, Market, Everything
Pattern Recognition is important because it is a need that appears in many practical problems. We as humans do this very well, but getting a computer to do the same is complicated.

Let's take an example.

You are working at a fruit sorting facility. Millions of oranges pass under your hand. You have to recognize the bad oranges (spoiled , unappetizing) and separate them from the good oranges, which you will send to the market. You could ask people to do this, but it is hard for them to cover huge quantities. Doing this recognition task with a computer turns out to be non-trivial.

A computer that has to drive a car, would like to recognize the fact that there is another car blocking its way. That is also pattern recognition.
And like these there are many other useful scenarios where you want a computer to recognize something: an object in an image, an alert sound in an audio recording and so on.

Mensa and Other IQ Test is mainly based on Patter Recognition

If you taken any IQ test before, most of the question ask you to separate one from another. It grow harder and harder until most of us just pick the nearest assumed answer. When that happen, it means we are not genius.

That is why genius learn things very fast instead of purely memorising it, they already got all the linkages between the content and apply relational analytical technique to know what happen next. Just like languages, they are beautifully created and have deep meanings on each words. genius can learn languages easily as long as the language they learn follow the same set of pattern.


We have weather prediction and now even disaster prediction all thanks to the previous data we have collected. But wait, is data more important or the algorithm to analyse them more important? Data is easy to collect, anyone with a pen and paper can start collecting any data. To analyse the data we first have to find out their core properties and slowly move up to its subset and still to find cross relationship between the subset to prevent anomalies. This is how we have predicted weather so accurately over the years.

In a fight, genius don't have to train hard to win, they however have to train to be tough. Probably they will need to take hit a few times before know what is the next move of their opponent. Not all geniuses can function well during a crisis, that is why fighting is an art by itself too.


Those who did really well and make a lot of money from the market will never expose themselves. It take years to find out a good pattern and how to follow it through. If he teach the mass or publish it online and the public will mess up his pattern. However not everyone who looks at the screen for a few years can predict the market's pattern, there are people whom look at it for the whole lifetime still cannot identify a single winning pattern.


In fact everything is about pattern. Your style, fashion, trend, etc. are a big recycle. How it is triggered, who promoted it, why it happen like this and etc. We have no idea why we like this design or how come that design appeal to the other person but not me. Genius will clearly identify why and base on the previous like and dislike to determine it.

So if you want to be super smart, start identifying things and try to understand why it happen, does it have a precedence of it is an isolated case. Why it classified as an isolated case? The questions just never end.
I can predict my shit is coming out when I recognise the pattern of severe stomachache, bad curry I eaten and uncomfortable anus - am I a genius?! Big Grin
I actually become a better driver after I learned about the pattern of other road users. Some lean left before they change lane, some don't signal in sharp turn but leaning right and etc. a lot of subconscious pattern.

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