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Philippines and China Relationship Improve, What Does It Means For Singapore?
Quote:Mr Duterte arrived on Tuesday for a four-day trip expected to boost trade and mend ties between the nations.
Both sides were ready to move on from a bitter row over islands in the South China Sea, a top Chinese official said.
The visit also shows Mr Duterte's efforts to engage China as he moves away from the US, a long-time ally.
He has twice announced a "separation" of the countries, but a US official said no official request had been made to change their relationship.

Recently there are a chain of events in Philippines that shake their political stability and that worries a lot of foreign investors that have already invested in Philippines.
Turn out Duterte is a smart man that make smart move.
By strengthening relationship with China, there are three things that will positively affect Philippines.
  1. Their external threat have significantly reduce and the dispute between South China Sea / Philippines Sea is no more. It become safer in the long run for investors to look into more investment in the country.

  2. China is a rich country and it will not be long Duterte will improve their China and Philippines trade relations. Once the Chinese citizen start pouring money into Philippines, our locals with existing apartment there that could not be rented out or sold will soon be in high demand. Singapore projects like retirement home will also soon be benefitted by the Chinese nationals.

  3. Cebu being the Silicon Valley in Asia will start to catch the eyes of venture capitalist and important IT companies will soon be found there. Comparing USA and Philippines, the distance and culture between Singapore and Philippines will be much nearer and easier to find collaboration.
China is a betrayer country too...
They don't have loyalty for any other...
But as per You china is more benefited by the deal than us or Philippians....
Nice Quote....!!!
Thanks for the post......
Singapore is in no position to have any trades with the Philippines and China. This is their unique and private relationship not even the USA have a foot into it.

Singapore is well known for being an opportunist, any country that has the bigger power, we will lean towards them like The Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is no embarrassment to it because we are small and we need protection. It is always better to be Dobby than Harry Potter isn't it? At least you get all the sufferings and injuries and pain.
Oh, even Japan and North Koreas are involved now =)))

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