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Plastic slippers can also damage the solid wood flooring
Under the sun exposure, easy to let the plastic exudes high fever, solid wood flooring surface damage. We will touch the plastic in the summer will be found in the summer heat, the plastic will have a very high temperature, so if the plastic slippers to prevent the solid wood flooring above the color in the hot sun,установка диагональных колодцев the plastic rapid warming, so that solid wood flooring The surface temperature is also rising rapidly.
Not only destroyed the solid wood flooring surface of the film,деревянный пластиковый композитный ливан and let the surface of solid wood flooring under the action of high temperature oxidation, fade, affect the appearance. Even in some cases will spontaneous combustion, causing a fire, causing terrible consequences. Plastic to reach 65 �� will produce harmful substances on the human body will be long-term residue.
Once the plastic heated to 65 ��, it will produce some harmful substances, and if some objects with these substances, then it will be a long time on the remaining. Solid wood flooring is the case,импортер деревянных композитных стеновых панелей if the plastic slippers on the solid wood flooring above, once more than this temperature, the harmful ingredients of plastic will be long stay in solid wood flooring above. On our health have a great negative impact, and even lead to some potential major diseases.
Plastic slippers for the destruction of solid wood flooring is also the high friction of plastic and solid wood flooring contact with the solid wood floor when the surface will have a lot of friction,классический стиль destruction of solid wood flooring surface, affecting the practical use of solid wood flooring, which for the daily use of solid wood flooring Is also very fatal.

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