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[RR] Fraudulent Binary Options Brokerages
I am listing the brokerages that I have self-experience and I can vow for it to be legit scams.
  • AAOption

    Using SpotOption as their trading platform. Do not trust the platform to be regulated, it is still over the counter trading. Withdrawal is impossible with all pacifying words. Uses fake hedge fund group to cheat their customers.

  • BigOption

    Using SpotOption too, traders will empty your account with fake trades and they like to replace your real money with bonus. To get out the bonus is impossible.

  • EdgeDaleFinance
    Ridiculous insurance scheme. No insurance will actually insure this kind of asset. Using some unknown platform. Trader went missing after awhile.
Thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of information for the investors.

I have written 2 posts about it, check out: Beware! Read this before engaging in any investment and SpotOption is Over-The-Counter Trading
Do what you like, than to regret on what you dislike
Big Option is a BIG Scam. Is there anything we can do about them?
(11-10-2016, 01:57 PM)JoshLim Wrote: Big Option is a BIG Scam. Is there anything we can do about them?

No bro, they are not even located at UK, it is a virtual address.
There are much more binary option scam: BIP Binary, Trader XP, Cedar Finance, Option Bit

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