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[RR] Land Banking
Am trying to look for more companies but so far only the following 2 are the more prominent ones:
  • Walton International Group

    This is the longer land bank company, located in prime area

  • Shelton Wealth Holding

    Partnered with Dolphin Capital, even the Germans never heard about that company before.

Always search the Internet for more information and MAS website for alert or blacklist, just remember MAS is unbiased and will never post baseless information.
Come and invest in China land the best. All the Brazil and North Dakota is bullshit
I will never invest into such schemes.

As my trade is highly related to oil and gas, the North Dakota project is a big flop. They does not have concrete oil and gas news and the buildings there are mainly empty.
There are far better companies to invest....
well said Emil....!!!
Thanks for the post....
Thanks for sharing it to us,.....
As per my advice it will be better taht you should invest in your country rather than investing in foreign countries...

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