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Should I Hold or Drop OSIM?
I have some OSIM stock with me that I brought many years ago. It made a number of people become millionaire overnight when the highest price goes to $2.80 in 2014. No idea if it still have potential as the recent news about them is not very good.
Well, can tell they are still very rich to engage fan bingbing as their brand ambassador. Can hold but will slow. If you already make money it is time to sell. When is their next dividend?
OSIM doesn't have a good strategy for the past few years. Through the trade-in program they gain new business but not new customers. Now they got so much old chairs it is another cost to dispose or refurbish.
It is a good company with good fundamental. Their P/E ratio have dropped quite a bit meaning their share price align with it. It is not under valued now.

Recommended for you to drop and sit out for the 17/18 crisis, wait for it to achieve an under value price and you can go in again.
Don't hold any stock now.

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