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Signs of you having sense of entitlement
1. You impose unrealistic demands onto your family, friends, lovers, employees and others.

2. You tend to feel sorry for yourself if things don’t work out the way you want them to, and you advertise it openly, in melodramatic ways to get attention.

3. You have been called a bully, manipulative, ruthless, egotistical, vain or a liar.

4. You believe that you deserve happiness and success, and you go to great or extreme lengths to get it, often at the expense of others.

5. You punish people when they don’t do what you want, either by gossiping, spreading rumours, giving them the silent treatment, or shouting and being verbally abusive.

6. You tend to see other people as competition or a threat.

7. You exhibit many double-standards in your behaviour and interactions with others. For example, it’s OK for you to be late or forget something, but it’s absolutely not OK for someone else to do the same.

8. You tend to take more in friendships and relationships while the other person gives.

9. You look out for yourself first. Your needs and desires are more important than anyone else’s most of the time.

10. You have a hard time negotiating or compromising in a situation.

11. You believe that you are a priority and you should always come first, even at the expense of others.

12. People often seem to be offended or upset by what you say.

13. Generally, you think that you are better or more important than other people, and that other people should see this as well and respect you.

14. You want to be admired and adored.

15. You find it second nature to assert your dominance or superiority over others, and you enjoy doing it.
Ya, especially young females strongly have such trails. Sadly the media are portraying feminist image that gives real life people a sense of entitlement
Blame it on the parents. If your child is not a prince or princess, please do not give them such privilege.
Finally someone is speaking out:

Girl Rants about Millennials
I seriously hope Singaporeans will stop behaving like kids from other countries. Look at how spoilt the American and Chinese brats are.

I always thought Asian beat their kids, but after seeing how these Chinese pamper their kids, I know the next generation is over.

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