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Singapore is Moving into Home-based Business Stage
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Do we have natural resources? No

Is it easy to buy car in Singapore? No

Is house affordable in Singapore? No

Since we do not have natural resources, we only can leverage on human asset and the Internet.

Since it is not cheap to buy a car in Singapore and the road is always packed, it is not feasible to run around.

Since house is so expensive, once you got a house you must spend more time at home enjoying it.

It is clear that we are very suitable to be working at home crowd. Internet is cheaper on the residential side, travel time is eliminated, no office rental and do it at your own time.

Just like Hong Kong, we are mimicking their footsteps. Relative equal in size, no resources and a global business hub. The advantage we have is our government actually implemented housing cooling measure to ensure the next generation able to afford a house even it is expensive.

Anyone keen to explore home based business or have difficulty converting it? Reply below! Am always glad to help.  Big Grin
So what are you saying?
Yup, down the road in 15-20 years, if our situation doesn't improve, we will have to find multiple sources of alternative income.

Working is not longer sufficient for us now.
Lobang king, what lobang you have?
It is easier to be said than done. Everyone want to start their home business.
I got an investment that can give you 18% a year, local based. Interested?
Oversea have a lot of home base business because their countries are big. Singapore is so small people rather meet face to face. Even public transport from East to West is only 1.5 hours or 2 hours max during peak. In my countries you can drive for 4 hours to meet your friend.
Hong Kong is not that strict, they can have all kind of services in their home (provided they have the space). HDB have so much regulation until we become a slave to our house and car.
So, how could I build a home based buiseness stage??
actually I have no idea about buiseness....
No, Singapore is moving to a migration state.

Real Singaporeans are moving out and immigrant are flocking in to replace. By 2030, we are left with 20% real Singaporeans.

Old people died and proper people moved out.

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