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Sow as much as possible
When a farmer start sowing seeds on his field, he never never worry whether the crops will be grown successfully.

Even when the crops are healthy and the soil is nutritious, there ought to be unpredictable disasters like flooding, drought, locusts swarm and political influence that may stop his crops from growing healthy to successfully selling them. Some times the logistic side will delay and the crop turn bad and these are factors that is not within the control of the farmer.

BUT why do they still sow diligently?

It happen to your business - imagine the entire field is your business. Plowing it, fertilising it and sowing seeds on it are the preparation stages where you do not get any returns initially. You even have to spend money on it. However if you plan well - you know what crops give good growth and are in high demand so it can be sold off quickly at a good price, you already have a good business model.

Start sowing to your business, opening new channels and distribute as much business cards as possible, you will never know who will contact you for a great business deal. All you have to do is to boost you number now. You will not be disappointed when the reaping finally pay off.
Thanks, I need that.

Have been doing so much things but none pay off currently.
You may be sowing on hard ground
You may be sowing expired seeds
You may not have enough irrigation to fund the field
You may not have workers to harvest which result in plenty of bad crops
You may not have the right supplier to buy

Plan as much as possible first.
in my opinion plan is better instead of these any ways Thanks good post
you should first create a plan and run your business on it
[Image: x3P8w6]

SOW as much as possible?

As in mother pig sow?
LOL, this is funniest post I ever read.

Sow has how many meanings?

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