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Special Vacation Places You Need To Visit In 2017
[Image: shutterstock316241720.jpg]

LONDON — Even for someone trying to break a record for visiting every country in the world, travel is about more than just ticking places off a list.
Planning a trip is an opportunity to see something unique, and to discover people, places, cuisines, and scenery you didn’t know existed.
We asked James Asquith, the youngest person to visit all 196 countries, which places around the world are being overlooked — and which ones people should be adding to their travel bucket lists.
Last year alone, Asquith received the official Guinesss World Record, released a travel book, and started an Instagram account, which has garnered over 84,000 followers in just over three months.
From back alleys in Iran to Salt Flats in Bolivia, scroll down to see his picks of the most incredible under-the-radar places around the world — including what to do and where to stay in each location.
[Image: bhutan.jpg]

Why you should go: “Until recently there were strict quotas on tourist numbers per year, and although it is opening up slightly more now, this country feels like you have stepped back in time,” Asquith said.

“There is a Gross Happiness Index that ranks Bhutan as the happiest nation in the world and it’s easy to see why. Everyone smiles here and the Buddhist religion is entrenched in daily life. You already know this visit will be special as your plane weaves through the hills to the landing strip (there is little flat land here) and the weather changes at a moment’s notice with thunderstorms passing through the valleys.”

What to do: “A trek up to ‘Tiger’s Nest’ is incredible with all the colourful prayer wheels.”

Where to stay: “The Taj Tashi Bhutan — a simply beautiful hotel and very authentic.”
[Image: tonga.jpg]

Why you should go: “Tonga is more developed, but I love the culture of people — so cool and laid back.”

What to do: Try the local food. “Everything grows in Tonga, so they’re well fed.”

Where to stay: “Fafa Island Hotel, which is on its own island away from the mainland. You are given a gaslamp at night — it’s stunning and very homely.”
[Image: cartagena-colombia.jpg]

Cartagena, Colombia.

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