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Successful People Is Successful Because They Are Able To Predict The Future
[Image: bill-gates-194.jpg]

In 1999, Bill Gates wrote a book titled “Business @ the Speed of Thought.”

In the book, Gates makes 15 bold predictions that at the time might have sounded outrageous.

But as business student Marcus Kirjonen pointed out on his blog, his forecasts turned out to be “eerily prescient.”
[Image: 1-price-comparison-sites.jpg]

#1 Price comparison sites
Gates’ prediction: “Automated price comparison services will be developed, allowing people to see prices across multiple websites, making it effortless to find the cheapest product for all industries.”

What we see now: You can easily search for a product on Google or Amazon and get different prices of the same product. Sites like NextTag and PriceGrabber are built specifically for price comparisons.
[Image: 2-mobile-devices.jpg]

#2 Mobile devices
Gates’ prediction: “People will carry around small devices that allow them to constantly stay in touch and do electronic business from wherever they are. They will be able to check the news, see flights they have booked, get information from financial markets, and do just about anything else on these devices.”

What we see now: Smartphones, and now smartwatches, do this for most people.
[Image: 3-instant-payments-and-financing-online-...he-web.jpg]

#3 Instant payments and financing online, better healthcare through the web
Gates’ prediction: “People will pay their bills, take care of their finances, and communicate with their doctors over the Internet.”

What we see now: Tech hasn’t been able to change healthcare all that much, but there are sites like ZocDoc that makes finding a doctor and scheduling easier. You can now borrow money online through sites like Lending Club, and easily make payments through sites like PayPal and Venmo.
[Image: 4-personal-assistants-and-the-internet-of-things.jpg]

#4 Personal assistants and the Internet of Things
Gates’ prediction: “‘Personal companions’ will be developed. They will connect and sync all your devices in a smart way, whether they are at home or in the office, and allow them to exchange data. The device will check your email or notifications, and present the information that you need. When you go to the store, you can tell it what recipes you want to prepare, and it will generate a list of ingredients that you need to pick up. It will inform all the devices that you use of your purchases and schedule, allowing them to automatically adjust to what you’re doing.”

What we see now: Google Now, a smart assistant that runs on mobile devices, is starting to head in this direction. Meanwhile, smart devices like Nest collect data on your daily routines and automatically adjust the house temperature. Beacons will send you store coupons based on your past purchasing habits.
[Image: 5-online-home-monitoring.jpg]

#5 Online home-monitoring

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