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Taxi vs. TV - Which is Better
Hi, my client having a fixed budget for his company but not sure if Taxi or TV placement is better.

The target audience will be young adult aged between 30 - 45. Household products.
Even though not everyone watch TV, but not everyone travel 24/7 on the road too. The amount of exposure and exposure time is too little to make a different through Taxi. Some more if you are a road usual you will naturally adopt the hate for taxi drivers. Not recommended to place your ads on something people don't like and it will cause negative effect. If someone watch TV, likely they will put full attention to it, even during the advertisement. If you want people to really ponder about your product, choose TV and not just because you have the budget.
I think i'll go with TV....
I'll go with Taxi b'coz i can go anywhere with it...!!!
(21-10-2016, 01:49 PM)Jordan Wrote: I'll go with Taxi b'coz i can go anywhere with it...!!!

Sure Jordan..!!
Thanks guys, appreciate your replies.

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