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Technology Fast Forward
Technology happen in phases and abrupt transition will usually cause a lot of trouble and money for corporates. It however happen differently for people who never even experience the first phase of the product line and skipped right to the latest technology.

Apple iPhone have started from version 1 to the current version 7, if you are an Apple fan and have been following diligently then you have no miss a single technology breakthrough from Apple.
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It will be a total different experience when an Android or Blackberry user make the switch suddenly, which however still do not consider to be fast-forward.

A person from the village whom never have experience electricity in his whole life and communicate by physical means, start a mobile phone is a technology fast forward for them. We know the full history of how telecommunication started - from land line to portable phone to cellular phone and the ships use satellite phone.

People whom are using fast forward technology may use better than us because they are learning it clean. They never need to learn about the functionality of the previous technology and hence they don't carry limitations like we do.

Learn more about technology fast forward here by asking any questions like its application usage and how can it benefit your business. I am more than happy to assist.
Technology is very fast forward during these modern ages.......
By the technology world moving fast....

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